So Busted

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Reagan Foxx caught Bambino stroking his meat while watching porn. She slipped her hand into her panties and played with her pussy for a few minutes. She then startled Bambino and asked if she could have some of his big dick. Bambino stuffed her pretty mouth and then her tight pussy. He relentlessly fucked her pussy all over the couch and eventually shot his load all over her face!

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Towel Girl

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Phoenix Marie and Reagan Foxx were enjoying a sauna when their friskiness ramped up and Phoenix started eating Reagan out. Kiley Jay, the towel girl, came by to find out if they needed more towels, lotions or anything else and walked in on them. Kiley was shocked but also turned on. She became a peeping tom and began pleasuring herself to them. She was so enthralled by what she was seeing that she didn’t even notice her knee make a sound as it hit the door and alerted Phoenix and Reagan that they weren’t alone. The two busty MILFs immediately covered themselves up as much they could and tried to act normal. Kiley walked in and made believe she didn’t see a thing, but they were on to her. Now it was time to make her pay for her invasion of privacy and get her completely involved so she wouldn’t dare tell anyone about what they were up to.

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My Friend's Hot Mom

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Laces and tits out! It’s the big game and Logan and Alex are stoked to be over at their buddy’s house, but they get even more excited when they see his mom Reagan Foxx bouncing her big tits all over the place while serving them grub! But her son gets miffed at the whole ordeal and cancels everything, telling his MILF mom to go cover up and his pervert friends to go home. Bummed but undeterred, Logan and Alex peek through Ms. Foxx’s window only to see her shakin’ her ass and titties right before their very eyes! She beckons them to come in, and when they do, it’s game on! Horny hot mom Ms. Foxx intercepts her son’s friends and scores with a big-dick threesome!

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Ms Maturity

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Reagan Foxx was working at a car rental company. Sean Lawless and his filming buddy needed to rent a truck for some production. There were two trucks left. The guys chose the newer one and headed to the rental office to sign the paperwork. When it was time to sign the contract, Reagan realized she was missing a pen. Sean was already horny from all the flirting with this hot MILF and he just popped out his pen out of his pants. Reagan was surprised. This has never happened before. What should she do? The only good solution was to put it into her mouth. So she gave Sean a hot blowjob. Then they moved to the back office. Sean started doing her doggystyle. Then she climbed on him for some reverse cowgirl. After that another quick blowjob. Then they went for cowgirl, missionary and another doggystyle until Sean came all over her face!

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Milf In Closet

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Parents these days seem to have zero trust. Stepmom Reagan Foxx was snooping thru Lucie Kline‘s room when she found a huge vibrator. As she found it, Lucie was approaching the room, Reagan quickly hid herself in the closet as Lucie and her boyfriend came in. Lucie and her guy quickly got into what they came to do. Little did they know that Ms. Foxx was watching. Not just watching but getting turned on as well! At one point she got so turned on she stumbled and startled the couple. It was too late to stop now though. So Ms. Foxx took this opportunity to show them how to really fuck and suck! It was a lesson they’ll never forget.

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My Husband Is Right Outside…

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Reagan Foxx wants a baby more than anything and hopes Dr. Sins will be able to help her get pregnant. After conducting a thorough exam, Dr. Sins knows exactly what this patient needs, a hot cum injection directly into her pussy. Reagan is so excited to get knocked up by a handsome doctor she forgets all about her helpless husband, who hates Dr. Sins more than anything! Will Johnny ruin another one of his relationships? Or will Reagan’s husband accept Dr. Sins’ offspring as his own?

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